Fully-automated, in-vivo, single cell electrophysiology

J. Go, A. Fan, C. Lu, S.B. Kodandaramaiah, G.L. Holst, W. Stoy, I. Kolb, E.S. Boyden, C.R. Forest (2013) Fully-automated, in-vivo, single cell electrophysiology, Proceedings of the 28th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Precision Engineering, Saint Paul, MN, Oct 20-25, 2013.


In this work, we report progress in developing a device that allows fully autonomous sequential patch clamp experimentation. The machine works by integrating a storage magazine of pre-filled pipettes that can be accessed, and swapped, by the headstage at the conclusion of each experiment. In operation, following each neuron measurement, the program enters “swap” state where a set of programmed actuator movements take place. First, the headstage translates towards the pipette storage assembly and deposits its used pipette. The storage assembly rotates to index a fresh pipette, its is grasped, and finally, the headstage returns to its previously designated home position in preparation of subsequent experiments.

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