FEEL: Frequent EDA and Event Logging a Mobile Social Interaction Stress Monitoring System.

Ayzenberg, Y., Hernandez, J., Picard, R. W. "FEEL: Frequent EDA and Event Logging, a Mobile Social Interaction Stress Monitoring System." Work-in-progress in the Extended Abstract of CHI 2012.


This work proposes a system for the automatic annotation and monitoring of cell phone activity and stress responses of users. While mobile phone applications (e.g., e-mail, voice, calendar) are used to non-intrusively extract the context of social interactions, a non-intrusive and comfortable biosensor is used to measure the electrodermal activity (EDA). Then, custom stress recognition software analyses the streams of data in real-time and associates stress levels to each event. Both contextual data and stress levels are aggregated in a searchable journal where the user can reflect on his/her physiological responses. Keywords Affective computing, mobile phone application, stress monitoring, electrodermal activity, contextual information, life-logging.

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