Design Research in HRI: Roboticists, Design Features, and Users as Co-Designers

Ostrowski, A.K., Breazeal, C., & Park, H.W. 2020. Design research in HRI: Roboticists, design features, and users as co-designers. IEEE International Conference on Robot & Human Interactive Communication 2021 Workshop on Designerly HRI Knowledge


Design research has explored design as it is embodied in many fields including engineering design and industrial design. Questions such as what it means to design, differences between design fields, expertise of designers, who should be included in design, and how to solve “wicked” design problems are all investigated in design research; seeking to understand design from multiple angles. Within human-robot interaction, design needs to be further integrated into research as robots become an increasing part of people’s everyday lives. This paper argues for a triangulated approach, seeking to understand design in the context of the designers (or roboticists, in this case), the design features of the systems, and users as co-designers. 

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