HRI Pioneers: Design Justice for Robot Design and Policy Making


Anastasia K. Ostrowski

Anastasia K. Ostrowski

Ostrowski, A. K. & Breazeal, C. (2022, March). Design Justice for Robot Design and Policy Making. In Proceedings of the 2022 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.


Technology, such as robots, can entrench existing inequities and create new ones. Leveraging design justice, participatory design, and design fictions, we propose new ways for designing robots and policies around social robots to incorporate more voices and values into design processes. This work critically examines design justice in the context of human-robot interaction (HRI) and suggests a framework to engage multiple stakeholders in participatory design of robots and policies grounded in design justice. Overall, we promote discussion around how we can design more equitable robot technology design and policy design in HRI. 

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