ConceptNet 3: a Flexible, Multilingual Semantic Network for Common Sense Knowledge

Havasi, Speer, Alonso., monthHavasi, Speer, Alonso., monthHavasi, Speer, Alonso., month


The Open Mind Common Sense project has been collecting common-sense knowledge from volunteers on the Internet since 2000. This knowledge is represented in a machine-interpretable semantic network called ConceptNet..#. We present ConceptNet 3, which improves the acquisition of new knowledge in ConceptNet and facilitates turning edges of the network back into natural language. We show how its modular design helps it adapt to different data sets and languages. Finally, we evaluate the content of ConceptNet 3, showing that the information it contains is comparable with WordNet and the Brandeis Semantic Ontology..#. Keywords. Knowledge representation, common-sense reasoning, natural language processing, information extraction.