Circuit Stickers Toolkit: Crafting Technology with Circuit Stickers

Jie Qi, Andrew 'bunnie' Huang, Joseph A. Paradiso


Chibitronics circuit stickers are a new toolkit for crafting with electronics. Circuit stickers are modular, flexible circuit components with conductive adhesive pads. They feel like stickers but behave like electronic units and can be stuck to any conductive connector, such as copper foil tape, conductive ink or conductive thread, to make circuits. The toolkit includes, LEDs, sensors, pre-programmed function generators and a programmable microcontroller. Along with the circuit stickers, we have also created a suite of educational support resources such as the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook, which contains lessons and activities for crafting circuits onto templates inside the book. In this paper we describe the design and initial public adoption of the Chibitronics circuit sticker toolkit.

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