bioPrint: A Liquid Deposition Printing System for Natural Actuators

Yao Lining, Ou Jifei, Wang Guanyun, Cheng Chin-Yi, Wang Wen, Steiner Helene, Ishii Hiroshi


This article presents a digital fabrication platform for depositing solution-based natural stimuli-responsive material on a thin flat substrate to create hygromorphic biohybrid films. Bacillus subtilis bacterial spores are deposited in the printing process. The hardware system consists of a progressive cavity pump fluidic dispenser, a numerical control gantry, a cooling fan, a heating bed, an agitation module, and a camera module. The software pipeline includes the design of print patterns, simulation of resulting material transformations, and communication with computer hardware. The hardware and software systems are highly modularized and can therefore be easily reconfigured by the user.

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