Auditory display for maximizing engagement and attentive capacity

Thesis: S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, School of Architecture and Planning, Program in Media Arts and Sciences, 2016.; Cataloged from PDF version of thesis.; Includes bibliographical references (pages 112-118).


Two projects in scientific data sonification are presented. "Quantizer" is a platform that enables composers to develop artistic sonification schemes using real-time data from the ATLAS detector at CERN. Three sample audio streams are available for real-time consumption by the public and the public engagement potential for the project is studied. "Rotator" uses sonification as a practical tool for analysis of high dimensional data. Users can swipe data between their auditory and visual channels in order to best perceive the structure of a dataset. A dual audio-visual presentation mode is found to be a promising alternative to use of a purely visual display mode.

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