An Immersive System for Browsing and Visualizing Surveillance Video

Philip DeCamp, George Shaw, Rony Kubat, Deb Roy


HouseFly is an interactive data browsing and visualization system that synthesizes audio-visual recordings from multiple sensors, as well as the meta-data derived from those recordings, into a unified viewing experience. The system is being applied to study human behavior in both domestic and retail situations grounded in longitudinal video recordings. HouseFly uses an immersive video technique to display multiple streams of high resolution video using a realtime warping procedure that projects the video onto a 3D model of the recorded space. The system interface provides the user with simultaneous control over both playback rate and vantage point, enabling the user to navigate the data spatially and temporally. Beyond applications in video browsing, this system serves as an intuitive platform for visualizing patterns over time in a variety of multi-modal data, including person tracks and speech transcripts.

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