A vertex similarity index for better personalized recommendation

Jian Gao

Jan. 15, 2017

Chen, L. J., Zhang, Z. K., Liu, J. H., Gao, J., & Zhou, T. (2017). A vertex similarity index for better personalized recommendation. Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 466, 607-615.


Recommender systems benefit us in tackling the problem of information overload by predicting our potential choices among diverse niche objects. So far, a variety of personalized recommendation algorithms have been proposed and most of them are based on similarities, such as collaborative filtering and mass diffusion. Here, we propose a novel vertex similarity index named CosRA, which combines advantages of both the cosine index and the resource-allocation (RA) index. By applying the CosRA index to real recommender systems including MovieLens, Netflix and RYM, we show that the CosRA-based method has better performance in accuracy, diversity and novelty than some benchmark methods. Moreover, the CosRA index is free of parameters, which is a significant advantage in real applications. Further experiments show that the introduction of two turnable parameters cannot remarkably improve the overall performance of the CosRA index.

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