ML Focus Panel Discussion with Deloitte: 3pm ET, May 27, 2021


Brett Zeck

Brett Zeck on Unsplash 

Cooperation or Competition: The role of AI in national security and competitiveness

AI is a powerful tool for uses ranging from recommending movies to helping military commanders conduct missions. Because of its utility and the speed of development, AI is increasingly becoming a key signpost in international competition. But what is the nature of that competition and what does success look like? Is it an economic competition where faster innovation is the goal, or a security competition where relative power to an adversary is at issue?

With those foundational questions in view, our panel of experts will discuss what government and industry can do to shape an AI-enabled future that allows for economic flourishing, a secure nation, and all while respecting individual rights.

Time and Date: 5/27, 3–4pm ET


  • Vinita Fordham, Deloitte
  • Dr. Sandy Pentland, MIT Media Lab
  • Lindsey Sheppard, Center for Strategic and International Studies
  • Rick Stevens, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Paul Scharre, Center for a New American Security


  • Part 1. Why is AI so important to competitiveness?
  • Part 2. How is AI developed and why should we care?
  • Part 3. How can we best ensure our values are reflected in the future AI-enabled world?
  • Conclusion. If we have this same conversation again in 10 years, what will we be talking about/worrying about then?
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