MEng Opening in Micro-Location IoT


Signal Kinetics

Signal Kinetics

 Micro-location for the Internet-of-Things

Micro-location is one of the most important building blocks for the IoT (Internet-of-Things). The Signal Kinetics group has developed a new technology capable of locating billions of IoT devices with applications to smart environments, robotic perception, factory automation, and virtual reality.

We have a Masters of Engineering (MEng) opportunity (RAship+thesis) to work on this technology. The MEng project is focused on Embedded Systems for Real-time Signal Processing. The MEng student will be working with a team of researchers and interacting with various industry sponsors. The final prototype will be deployed in the real world. 

More information about the technology can be found in the RFind paper and the MIT article on TurboTrack.

Interested applicants can send an email with CV, transcript, and interests to: 

This position has been closed.

Required Background:

* C/C++ and Python Programming

* Background in Signal Processing

* Aptitude and interest in hacking and rapid prototyping

Desirable (but not required) Background:

* Experience in real-time signal processing

* Experience with software-define radios (e.g., USRP, BladeRF)

* Background in RF, PCB Design, or Antenna Design

Courses that are helpful (but not pre-requisites):

6.02, 6.08, 6.808, 6.011, 6.033, 6.046, 6.341

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