Jackie Smith Attends COSMIC Kickoff Event 2023




Space Enabled doctoral student Jackie Smith attends the 2023 kickoff meeting for the Consortium for Space Mobility and ISAM Capabilities (COSMIC).  The COSMIC Kickoff is the first biannual COSMIC general membership meeting, which brings together a diverse forum of users, customers, developers, and researchers to accelerate the widespread adoption of ISAM capabilities as an integrated segment of the space enterprise architecture. The kickoff is a hybrid event, and introduces COSMIC as an entity, aligns members with their five focus areas, and defines specific products for the consortium to develop in the future. 

This is event is closely aligned with the doctoral research of Jackie Smith which studies how continuous supervision by governments may evolve as in-space servicing increases in the future. The work is part of the Space Enabled research theme to design space systems that promote both sustainability and accessibility.

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