Hardware designer needed to develop RF PCB with FPGA


PCB Design

PCB Design

We are looking for an experienced hardware designer (or team) for contracting a 1-3 month project. The project is part of an effort to translate award-winning MIT technology into a deployable device. The technology uses IoT for indoor 3D mapping with unparalleled precision, and has applications in various industries including retail, warehousing, and manufacturing.

The MIT inventors are looking to work with an experienced hardware engineer. The engineer is expected to design, build, and evaluate a fully-integrated hardware prototype on a PCB board that includes RF components, an FPGA, and a power management unit. The prototype will be connected to antennas for wireless sensing and is expected to stream collected data through a USB interface to a computer.

Required Experience:

  • Experience in PCB design, fabrication, and testing (including power management)
  • Experience in RF design including impedance matching and noise figure modeling
  • Experience in FPGA programming
  • Experience with ADC/DAC FPGA interfaces
  • Experience in embedded programming (e.g., C) and USB interface
  • Experience in design for manufacturing of electronic hardware

Preferred Experience:

  • Background and experience in RFID systems
  • Experience in self-interference cancellation for RF (e.g., radar, RFID)
  • Antenna design and implementation, including fabrication and HFSS simulation.
  • Background in RF signal processing

Our expectation is that, given hardware design specs, you will be able to design a low-power cost-optimized PCB system, define project goals and timeline, and meet the deadlines in a timely manner while providing weekly updates.

To be a best fit for this project you need:

  • Ability to communicate clearly, both in terms of providing updates and in terms of requesting any additional design specs from the inventors.
  • Willingness to sign an NDA
  • Willingness to provide references

If you are interested in this project, please email with your CV and a short paragraph describing relevant background and interest.

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