Elowan in the news

Harpreet Sareen

Below is a selection of recent press coverage on Elowan, a plant-robot hybrid designed by Harpreet Sareen and Pattie Maes. 

SlashGear: MIT creates a part robot, and part plant contraption called Elowan

DailyMail: The houseplant that can keep itself alive: Elowan the 'cyborg' plant can roll towards the light

Spectrum IEEE: This Plant Is Driving Its Own Robot

Gizmodo: Cyborg Houseplant Can Drive Itself Toward the Light It Craves

New Atlas: MIT's cyborg plant can drive itself into the light

TechXplore: Plant cyborg able to move itself to a preferred light source

Engadget: MIT researchers create a robot houseplant that moves on its own

ZME Science: MIT designs and builds a plant-robot plantborg that can move towards light

Boss Magazine: Combining the natural abilities of plants with electronics yields fascinating results

Treehugger: Houseplant gets wheels, can move around on it own

TechCrunch: Elowan is the plantdroid you’ve been looking for

Futurism: MIT Researchers Built A Cyborg Houseplant 

Motherboard: Cyborg Plant Controls a Robot to Move Itself Towards Light

Fast Company: This plant is a cyborg (and it might be the future of interfaces)

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