Danielle Wood Contributes to NASA Decadal Survey




Danielle Wood contributed as a committee member to the NASA Decadal Survey on Biological and Physical Sciences, released on September 12, 2023. The decadal survey committee was appointed to carry out a decadal survey of biological and physical sciences research in space, intended to generate consensus recommendations to implement a comprehensive strategy and vision for a decade of transformative science at the frontiers of biological and physical sciences research in space. 

Danielle specifically served on the Engineering and Science Interface Panel, which took on the role to examine technical requirements for the potential large research projects and campaigns identified by the Biological Sciences Panel and Physical Sciences Panel, including those related to capability development, platforms, and facilities supporting research. Members of the panel worked closely with a contractor, the Biological Sciences Panel, the Physical Sciences Panel, and the Steering Committee, to understand and evaluate the technical needs, risks, and costs of large research projects and research campaigns that are under consideration for prioritization in the survey. 

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