Viewing and Discussion Series

Black Mirror is a TV series that constructs fictional narratives and futures.  It provokes discussion about emerging technologies and the potential ways they may be adopted by society, for better or worse.

The MIT Media Lab is a community of creatives and technologists who may be active or future builders of the worlds that Black Mirror explores.  This viewing and discussion series brings this community together to imagine and discuss technological futures and ethical implications, framed around the Black Mirror episodes we watch together.  Each week we watch an episode and host a discussion facilitated by a researcher or practitioner whose work is pertinent to the episode.

2/7 - Pattie Maes - The Entire History of You

2/21 - Joe P - Metalhead

3/7 - Roz Picard - Nosedive

3/21 - Ethan Zuckerman - The Waldo Moment

4/4 - Arlene Ducao - Crocodile

4/18 - Andy Lippman - Hang the DJ

5/2 - Nick Montfort - Bandersnatch

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