Amelia Lee Dogan's Sustainability Work Featured in Recent MIT News Articles


Amelia Dogan

Courtesy of Amelia Dogan

Amelia Dogan, a senior at MIT whose undergraduate thesis is being advised by Professor Danielle Wood, was recently featured for her work in sustainability in two articles from MIT News. Amelia has been a student in Professor Wood's class called "Queer-Feminist-Antiracism and Design for the Future," and served as an undergraduate researcher with Professor Wood.

The first MIT News article, by Molly Chase (April 21), quoted Dogan in the context of her work on "Exploring new sides of climate and sustainability research."  The article quoted Dogan as saying:

"'I am interviewing Indigenous environmental activists for my project,' says Dogan. 'This course is the first one directly related to sustainability that I have taken, and I am really enjoying it. It has opened me up to other aspects of climate beyond just the humanity side, which is my focus. I did MIT’s SuperUROP program and loved it, so was excited to do this similar opportunity with the climate and sustainability focus.'"

The second MIT News article, by Laura Rosado (April 26), highlighted Dogan's MIT career path towards work in environmental justice.  Titled "Driving toward data justice," the article reads in part:

"As a person with a mixed-race background who has lived in four different cities, Amelia Dogan describes her early life as 'growing up in a lot of in-betweens.' Now an MIT senior, she continues to link different perspectives together, working at the intersection of urban planning, computer science, and social justice."

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