Alexis Hope and Christine Sun Kim named 2023 USA Fellows


Media Lab

Alexis Hope and Diana Levine

Congratulations to Alexis Hope, an alum of the Lifelong Kindergarten group, and former Labber Christine Sun Kim on being named 2023 USA Fellows. The USA Fellowship from United States Artists recognizes artists for their vision and their commitment to community, both within their specific regions and within their disciplines at large. US Artists gives $50,000 to artists working in rural, suburban, urban, and tribal communities across nineteen states, Guam, and Puerto Rico.

Alexis Hope is a designer, musician, and organizer whose work focuses on creating playful experiences that help people find joy, self-compassion, and connection with others.  She received her PhD at the Media Lab in 2021. As a designer, she has worked on projects across a variety of domains including cameras for deep-sea exploration, creative learning technologies for children, artistic tools for zero-gravity environments in orbit, low-cost ultrasound machines for prenatal care in areas with limited resources, and more.

Christine Sun Kim is an American artist based in Berlin. Her practice considers how sound operates in society, deconstructing the politics of sound, and exploring how oral languages operate as social currency. She exhibits and performs around the world, and has been artist-in-residence at the Whitney Museum, Haverford College, Southern Exposure, Arnolfini, and the University of Texas Visual Arts Center. She was also a 2015 MIT Media Lab Director's Fellow.

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