Beyond the Cradle


Space Exploration Initiative

Space Exploration Initiative

Beyond the Cradle 2023: Program


8:00 AM     Breakfast and registration

8:45 AM     We are go for launch | Dava Newman and Ariel Ekblaw

9:00 AM     Keynote
Dr. John C. Mather, NASA Senior Project Scientist for James Webb Space Telescope and Nobel Prize Winner

9:40 AM     Break

9:50 AM     Our Sci-Fi Space Future panel
Akiva Goldsman, film and television producer, writer, and director

10:30 AM     Democratizing Access to Space panel
Jay Kim, CEO, Boryung
Dr. Eliah Overbey, Postdoctoral Fellow, Mason Lab, Weill Cornell Medicine
Dr. Erika Wagner, Senior Director of Emerging Markets, Blue Origin
Denna Lambert, Inclusive Innovation Lead, Early Stage Innovations and Partnerships, NASA
Moderated by Dr. Danielle DeLatte, COO and CTO, Aurelia Institute

(in Lecture Hall) Lunar Outpost
Dr. Forrest Meyen, Co-Founder and CSO, Lunar Outpost

11:15 AM     Space Stations Near and Far panel
Matthew Kuta, President, COO, and Co-Founder of Voyager Space
David Zuniga, Senior Director for In-Space Solutions, Axiom Space
Daniel Inocente, Senior Space Architect, Blue Origin
Eleanor Morgan, Program Manager and Habitation Architecture Lead, Lockheed Martin
Moderated by Sana Sharma, Co-Founder and CDO at Aurelia Institute

(in Lecture Hall) MIT Student Lightning Talks, part I
Maya Nasr, Somayajulu Dhulipala, Fangzheng Liu, Dan Erkel, and Cody Paige

12:00 PM     Lunch

1:00 PM     Earth and Space: Connecting Worlds panel
Dr. Minoo Rathnasabapathy, Research Engineer, MIT Media Lab and Project Fellow, Future of Space at the World Economic Forum
Dr. Jennifer Heldmann, Research Scientist and Principal Investigator, NASA Ames Research Center
Moderated by Cody Paige

(in Lecture Hall) Translational Research Institute for Space Health
Dr. Dorit Donoviel, Executive Director, TRISH

1:45 PM     Space and the Arts panel
Dana Karwas, Director of the Center for Collaborative Arts and Media at Yale University
Zach Mendoza, Fine Artist
Mikael Owunna, Multimedia Artist, Filmmaker, and Engineer
Marques Redd, Cosmologist, Independent Scholar, and Multimedia Artist
Moderated by Viktoria Modesta, S
inger-Songwriter, Performance Artist, Creative Director, and Model

(in Lecture Hall) MIT Student Lightning Talks, part II
Jessica Todd, Rachel Bellisle, Thomas G. Roberts, David Colby Reed, Joseph Kennedy, and Pat Pataranutaporn

2:30 PM     Breakout Workshops

(in Lecture Hall) Humans in the Middle: funding next-generation human spaceflight
Hosted by Dr. Dorit Donoviel, Executive Director, TRISH

(in E14-240) The Business of Space: One small step for businesses, one giant leap for the business of space
Facilitated by Lars Cromley, Technology Fellow at Deloitte

(in E14-244) Connectivity across space & time: Project ICE-MELT
Moderated by MIT SEI

(in E14-514b) Design Rituals for Bodies in Space: Exploring the potential of the body in the environment of weightlessness
Moderated by Dana Karwas and Harshita Nedunuri

(in E14-6F Silverman Skyline) Inclusive Design for Low Earth Orbit and Beyond: Priorities & Methods
Moderated by SciAccess, Corey McClelland, and Sherri Wells 

4:15 PM     Astronaut Augury Fireside Chat
Former NASA Astronauts Dr. Cady Coleman and Dr. Michael Massimino

5:00 PM     Closing remarks

5:30 PM     Reception