Karthik Dinakar @ Harvard University

Monday — Tuesday
January 12, 2015 —
January 13, 2015


Harvard University


Latent Variable Models
The purpose of this workshop is to bring clinical psychology and probabilistic graphical models closer. Such a deep interdisciplinary collaboration can generate an array of insights that are symmetric to both fields. First, you will be introduced to machine learning - we will look at classes of models and how they are built and evaluated. Next, we will focus on a family of models called latent variable models and study how they are practically built. We will concretize the aforementioned concepts and see how they are being applied to model self-injury. Finally, we will take an honest look at inhibitors and catalysts for this deep collaboration to reach fruition.
Data Visualization
The purpose of this workshop is to help you create visualizations for effective communication of statistical clinical science research. We will talk about the value of data visualizations and techniques to design and evaluate them. We will also explore the power and weight of narratives in communicating the core tenets of complex clinical research datasets and findings. Finally, we will use a WYSIWYG software package and practice creating some visualizations.

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