City Lab Biobío: Conectando innovación y ciudad en la red MIT


Germán Fuentes Pavez

Germán Fuentes Pavez

March 20, 2024
11:00am — 12:00pm ET

This webinar is hosted by the City Lab Biobío in conjunction with the city laboratories in Andorra, Guadalajara and MIT City Science in Cambridge, Massachusetts. 

In the event we will talk with Jordi Ascensi Sala (from City Science Lab Andorra), Mayra Gamboa (from City Science Lab Guadalajara), Luis Alberto Alonso Pastor (from MIT City Science), and Marcela Martínez Bascuñán (from City Science Lab Biobío) about how innovation can transform urban planning for urban centers that are part of the City Science Network.

The space will be hosted by Paloma Avila Barrera and broadcast on the platforms of our media collaborator, CNN Chile.

Regional Government of the Bio Bio Region, Chilean Chamber of Construction, Corporación Ciudades, + MIT Media Lab

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