MAS.S72. How to Write Academic Grant Proposals and Research Manuscripts


Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah

Pratik Shah, Principal Research Scientist
G (1-0-5)
Thursdays 3-4 30 pm ET
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Description: Designed for grant proposal and research publication student writers, this course presents a general overview as well as the level of detail for creating well-written scientific documents. Each component of the grant and research publication writing process will be addressed, including: documenting your laboratory research data and observations in LaTeX; writing measurable objectives; making high quality figures in Python and MatLab. Developing testable hypotheses and an empiric research plan to test them.

Goals: Prepare a complete grant proposal (computation + any field you are working in) to an agency of choice with the instructor. This includes a 1 page significance and specific aims section, 5 page research plan and a minimum 2 year $80,000 budget with multiple categories. Peer review (with the instructor) several examples of publicly posted prototype grant proposals. Participate in a mock online study section as reviewers of proposals from other students in the course and assign scores and prepare summary statements. Learn transferable skills for writing high-quality research papers.

Learning outcomes

• Identifying specific topics from your research or course material and lectures to design a strategy for implementation of scientific writing and statistical methods, algorithms.

• Test, validate, and interpret results to be included in grant proposals or scientific publication.

Start date: April 8th, 2021

End date: May 20th, 2021

Prerequisites: Students and participants interested in learning, updating or improving their scientific writing skills are welcome to enroll. Critical analysis of peer-reviewed research publications and National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Science Foundation (NSF) grant proposals are a plus.


Pratik Shah

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