This Toronto-based nonprofit provides creative education to over 2,000 children in rural India

By Anju Ann Mathew

India has over 146 million children enrolled in rural elementary schools, which often lack resources, network connectivity, etc. For this reason, most teachers only focus on completing the basic education as they, too, lack creative expression in their pedagogy.

As a result, these children are often devoid of opportunities that help them better their creativity. According to LinkedIn, the top skill for 2020 was defined as ‘Creativity’ among the top 15 skills that employers want.

“There are multiple reasons why children are missing these opportunities. Out of the 84 percent of primary schools in rural India, only 28 percent have access to computers, and 9 percent have an internet connection. Besides, only 18 percent of teachers have professional qualifications,” Srishti Sethi, Co-founder of Unstructured Studio, tells SocialStory.

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