Space Between Space

Lorrin Brubaker

via Forecast Journal

Dec. 13, 2022


Forecast invites you to join them on Saturday, March 12th for a one-night-only exhibition event from 7–10 PM, to experience and celebrate the completion of our newest milestone, the ninth issue of Forecast Journal titled Sustainability. With contributions from 75 artists over the last 18 months, issue nine presents a collection of 14 new essays, articles, and poems confronting that which withstands the test of time, remains relevant, solves problems, creates legacy, and considers interspecies coexistence across 130 pages of text and image in a limited edition of 100 copies.


Contents + Contributors


Prathima Muniyappa (Space Enabled research group at the Media Lab), Lorrin Brubaker, Caitrin Walsh, Charissa Kroeger, Lee Busch, Melanie Au-Yeung, Nayomi Van Brundt, Oliver Greene-Cramer

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