MIT Museum fills to capacity at Hyperloop II unveiling

MIT Edgerton Center 

By Camilla Brinkman

In an event attended by over 200 people, the MIT Hyperloop II team offered the public a chance to see the technology under the hood of what one day may determine the design of future human travel. 

With MIT Museum capacity set at 100, a line of people wrapped around the block up Massachusetts Avenue. The event was live-streamed for those outside, and many generous folks exited to give access to others.

Introducing the evening, Prof. J. Kim Vandiver, Forbes Director of the Edgerton Center, talked about founding the Center 27 years ago to primarily support student initiatives. Today, guided by students, the Center supports a dozen or so student-led teams, including MIT Hyperloop II, with seed funding, shop space, technical advice, and fiscal management. 

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