Love 0∞

How do new mobility patterns interfere relationships?

Much of our experience is now dedicated to time spent apart from the people that we love while moving between places. With unlimited motion, possible relationships are unlimited in number and increasingly fleeting. With near zero motion, our world becomes small, relationships are more intense, and personalities begin to merge as all experience is shared.

A life in a backpack

When we are always on the move, life has to be portable. Our most basic needs such as eating, sleeping and showering, must adapt to a rapid lifestyle. 

Will we ever be able to make great food that keeps up with high speeds? Does AI-assisted sushi tastes fresh? 

Always home

The house is optimized to embrace all life activities as people move less and less. Work, live and play boundaries are blurred. 

The kitchen sink can be both a shower and an irrigation system for producing special crops, which are carefully packed in the bedroom and shipped to customers around the world.  Your veggies for dinner will arrive in the mailbox too. 

One love, two speeds

There's something very attractive about the lives we could have. Days promise to be full of adventure with that person who is always everywhere. Hours would be more meaningful watching the plants grow with them. But as we keep making choices , are we willing move in different directions?  

Can people exist at different speeds and find common ground to keep an ongoing connection?  

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