Katlyn Turner's "Press the Button" Podcast Quoted in National Interest Article


Ufuoma Ovienmhada

Ufuoma Ovienmhada

Katlyn Turner's recent Press the Button podcast episode was quoted in an article in The National Interest magazine, "Glitches in the System: Transformational Change in the U.S. Nuclear Community," by Angela Kellet.  The article reads, in part:

"In this week’s episode of Ploughshares Fund’s Press the Button podcast, Dr. Katlyn Turner, a research scientist within the Space Enabled research group at MIT Media Lab, expanded on her remarks from last month’s Press the Button Live event

She highlights how those in power feel the benefits of nuclear technology while marginalized communities are the ones who often carry the burden. These types of power imbalances demonstrate the need for systemic change in how we create nuclear policy and understand who that policy impacts.

The nuclear system has continued to shift since World War II when the nuclear powers and their allies utilized an “us versus them” competitive perspective. The COVID-19 pandemic and climate change make it painfully clear that further change in this system is needed, specifically the rhetoric and norms, to create policy that reflects this new mindset, as well as being cognitive of who is being impacted by the policy decisions. "

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