Danielle Wood discusses space and sustainability on Bloomberg TV




Bloomberg TV interviews Danielle Wood on recent commercial suborbital crewed flights

  • Watch the video from Danielle's July 15 appearance on  Bloomberg's "The Close" here (see timestamp 40 minutes 35 seconds).
  • Watch the video from Danielle's July 20 appearance on Bloomberg's "Surveillance: Early Edition" here (see timestamp 1 hour 8 minutes).
  • Watch the video from Danielle's  July 20 appearance on Bloomberg's "Surveillance" here (see timestamp 1 hour 15 minutes).

Bloomberg TV invited Space Enabled Director Danielle Wood to provide perspective on the recent launches of commercial suborbital missions by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. Danielle spoke about the relevance of space to provide public services to benefit society and the need to ensuring sustainability both on Earth and wherever humans venture in space.

MIT News covered Danielle Wood's July 15 appearance on Bloomberg TV, where she spoke on "Bloomberg Markets: The Close" to respond to questions about the recent milestones by Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin. The Bloomberg team also asked Danielle about the research that suborbital flights enable and the work of Space Enabled on the Space Sustainability Rating.

“Do we want to reproduce some of the same mistakes…on places like the moon and Mars that we’ve done on Earth,” Wood shared on July 15, “Or would we rather preserve and conserve the natural beauty of these environments from the beginning of human activity?”

On July 20, Danielle also commented on Bloomberg Surveillance Early Edition and Bloomberg Surveillance on the successful crewed flight of the Blue Origin New Shephard mission with Mercury 13 Astronaut Candidate Wally Funk. 

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