A legacy of curiosity in the name of Hugh Hampton Young

via MIT News

Sept. 15, 2020


American surgeon, urologist, and medical researcher Hugh Hampton Young (1870-1945) was known for leading with his curiosity. His inquisitive mind led him to explore the field of aviation, the arts, and civic enhancement, though he is best known for innovation in medical science.

The aim of the Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship administered by MIT's Office for Graduate Education (OGE) is therefore to reward academic achievement across multiple disciplines and to honor students who possess exceptional character strengths. These students harbor outstanding potential to make a positive impact on humanity.

An anonymous donor established the fellowship in 1965 for the benefit of MIT graduate students, approximately 175 of whom have received funding over the past 55 years. Award recipients are selected by an external selection committee comprised of former Hugh Hampton Young Fellowship recipients and MIT alumni, who meet with fellowship finalists for interviews.

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