142 prominent academics from around the world published a "Technology Roadmap for Flexible Sensors"


ACS Nano

ACS Nano

A cohort of 142 academics from all around the world—including Conformable Decoders' very own director, Dr. Dagdeviren—composed a comprehensive article regarding the "Technology Roadmap for Flexible Sensors" which has been published in ACS Nano.

In this work, the authors outline the challenges in achieving satisfactory sensing performance for real-world applications and then summarize issues in compatible sensor-biology interfaces, followed by brief discussions on powering and connecting sensor networks. Issues en route to commercialization and for sustainable growth of the sector are also analyzed, highlighting environmental concerns and emphasizing non-technical issues such as business, regulatory, and ethical considerations.

The Conformable Decoders' Diversity Statement and its value of enhancing gender inclusiveness in clinical trials are also highlighted as a need in the field.

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